4 Little-Known Benefits of Hanging Art in Your Home

Mar 14th 2020

Many people buy artwork just to fill their blank walls with something pretty to look at. But did you know that hanging artwork can have positive effects on other aspects of your life as well? The following list represents just a few of them, but when...
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Love Museums? Put These Cities on Your Travel Checklist

Feb 16th 2020

Visiting a city's art museums is a great way to learn more about the history, people, and artwork of the region. Picking a museum that suits your personal interests will enhance the experience for you and make it more memorable. Here are three cit...
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Why Buy Giclèe?

Feb 15th 2014

At Masters at Art, we specialize in giclèe printing, but we often get the question either via email or at one of our in-person events asking what’s special about a giclèe. In this post, we’ll set out to explain what you’re purchasing when you purc...
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