What makes us special

Masters at Art has been in business for over twenty years, bringing high-end, quality pieces of art to the masses. We've been fortunate to see a tremendous amount of success and firmly believe that our dedication to quality is the reason for it. 

So, what makes our pieces a bargain at the price?

  1. Every piece of art you buy from us is limited edition.
  2. Every piece of art you buy from us is signed by the creator and a certificate of authenticity is included with your purchase. 
  3. We don't hide the fact that we're selling a giclée. To get an original piece from most of our artists would cost in the thousands. The giclée printing process allows us to create a high-quality reproduction of that piece that captures the same depth of color as the original. Some companies might try to sell you a giclée and claim it's an original. Shame on them. 
  4. We use archival canvas. This is the same stuff used by museums.
  5. Our Infinity Wrap Canvas® not only makes use of our giclée printing process, but also gives you an image with zero white space that is expertly stretched and ready to go on your wall the moment it comes out of the box.
  6. A friendly and helpful sales team is waiting to work with you whether you stop by one of our art shows, ask a question through our website, or give us a call at our office.
  7. When you do make a purchase through our website, your order is prepared for shipment by people who understand art and the things that can damage it during transit. We take special precautions to make sure your order arrives unharmed. 


As you can see, quality standards extend into everything we do. We take great pride in the art we sell and we know you will take great pride in it as well once you see it hanging on your wall.