About Us

Masters at Art has been in business for over 20 years selling high-quality pieces of art from talented artists. In its beginning, the duo of Tom Heisz and Michael Beaulieu capitalized on Mike’s artistic talents in creating and replicating three-dimensional relief sculptures and Tom’s vast knowledge of sales.

In the mid-20Teens, Tom and Mike began to represent Doug Cavanah and Cavanah Photography, Inc. at their sales events. Doug is a renowned photographer and a master at capturing just the right moment, just the right light, in every picture he takes. 

In 2019, Masters at Art welcomed Brenda Francis into the circle of artists we represent. Brenda has made a career for herself painting Florida’s wild birds. She teams with her husband who takes the pictures of the wildlife she creates on canvas. 

The future looks good for us and we look forward to providing every art lover a perfect piece to grace their walls.